Monday, July 11, 2005

The West River 180

This site was created to show some of the construction techniques used by me during the assembly of the West River 180. This boat can be found in the book: "The New Kayak Shop" by Chris Kulczycki. The book is very clear and makes the construction of these beautiful boats very easy.

The making of the West River 180

  1. The first pictures are of the kayak's hull assembled.
  2. The following pictures show the kayak's hull being fiber glassed.
  3. The picture of the kayak standing shows the end-pours drying.
  4. The following pictures show my homemade foot braces. They were made from square aluminum tubing bought at Home Depot. The bar in the middle is also aluminum. The backing for the braces is made of 6-millimeter okoume and wood flour. The square aluminum tubing has notches cut on top for the bar. It also has small cuts on the underside and then it is embedded in the wood flour. I have used it many times and so far no problems; it is very sturdy.
  5. The pictures also show the deck beam detail. I didn't want to use the screw through the deck that was called for in the plans. I made a support for the deck beam on the inside instead.
  6. The following pictures show the deck being installed.
  7. I chose to make flushed hatches that are held by magnets on the underside (my invention) I didn't want all the clutter on the top.
  8. The West River 180


Hull 2

Detail of Footbraces


Sunday, July 10, 2005


Plans for Hatches and Kayak Links